Family Therapy – Importance of the Family Counselling

What Is Family Counselling

Family Counselling also known as family and systemic psychotherapy aims to help people in close relationships. Could be a couple, help a child and the parent (mum or dad) get along.

It can also be defined as counselling under the family act. Helps people in close relationships but having difficulties to manage both interpersonal and personal issues better. It involves families, couples, children, young adults, etc. Aims at helping them go through marriage separation and divorce. It is the art of resolving family conflict and help open lines of communication amongst the family members. It does not seek to solve the problem but helps the parties involved accept and come to terms with the occurrences.

There is a wide array of problems that can cause one to visit a counsellor/ therapist. It could be about hurt feelings, fiscal adjustments, problems between couples or any other person in the family i.e. mother or child. It can also be aimed at child care. Helping the young ones deal with emotions they do not yet understand.

It enables people who care about each other, could be family members or a couple, deal with complicated and distressing issues a safe environment and in a respectful way. It does not take side nor does it put the blame on any one side. In family therapy, there is no one size fits all answer to the problems that people face. After all different people have various problems. Some could be going through separation while others could be fiscal adjustments.

Family counselling seeks to engage people, get them to share their thoughts, views and understandings, and explore ways forward that work for them. Its methods adapt to the ways of the people.


Family therapy has some aims. It intends to:

  • Identify and build on people’s relational resources and other strengths.
  • It seeks to work WITH individuals and not ON them.
  • Seeks to be sensitive to different and diverse family forms, relationship beliefs values and cultures.
  • Enable people to communicate better.


Family therapy is one engaging experience. It is a way to move past difficult issues. It gives members a safe environment to discuss these issues either as a group or individually. As a matter of fact, it is quite important. For starters, it helps:

  • Manage challenges in life could be financial problems or separations or divorce
  • Maintain valued relationships in the event of a breakup or a temporary split
  • Help children to better deal with emotions they do not understand. Anger, disappointment, fear, etc.
  • Enables one to understand the other person’s views and opinions. By so doing, they can come to an amicable solution.
  • Enables one to appreciate the needs of others
  • Build on the person’s strengths making the bond between couples and family members stronger.
  • Make useful and helpful changes in marriages and find ways forward.
  • It seeks to identify how certain individual behaviours affect other members of the family. By doing so, they can learn new ways to relate.
  • Finally, it aims at helping people let go. Most people visit therapist when there is an adverse occurrence. Maybe financial troubles or the loss of a loved one. Therapy will assist the family deal with these stressors. It is a means of coping with accepting and letting go which is far from solving the problem. Denial can result in your life moving in the wrong direction.

The role of therapists


For the mediation to be successful, the therapist has got to be qualified and well experienced. Therapists are quite instrumental in the reconciliation process, and they play some roles as they aim to make the family stronger.


Social policeman – A therapist moderates the needs and priorities in needs of others.

An enabler – A therapist provides all the necessary conditions for a family counselling session to be successful. They also enable the clients to make their own decisions and take individual actions.

Subject expert sharing knowledge and experiences with its customers to make and let them know they are not alone in that. A therapist should have all the answers and corrects responses to the client’s queries.

Advisor – Therapists offer suggestions to clients on what they should or should not do. This advice is invaluable as it helps families’ form stronger bonds.

In conclusion, family therapy is not telling people what they should or should not do. It is just guiding the involved parties on the right path and helping them come up with a solution to their own problems.

Why Use Abacus Techniques for Foundational Math


What is an abacus and why use it?

Everyone has different rates of learning and different ways of understanding. This can cause concern when it comes to developing a basic knowledge for math. If basic math understanding isn’t grasped, then the more abstract principles taught later in schooling life will be out of reach. The abacus is the ideal tool for establishing this foundation and can be used in two ways: physically and mentally.

An abacus is a counting device which may date as far back as 2500BC and is often referred to as the counting frame. The Chinese abacus, suanpan, was the original abacus similar to as we know it today. It has two beads per column in the top row and five beads per column in the bottom row. The Japanese abacus is called the soroban, with one bead per column in the top row and four beads per column in the bottom row. It is the most widely used abacus today. The Russian abacus, schoty, has only one row of beads, with ten beads on each rod. For simplicity, we will discuss techniques using the Japanese abacus, soroban. Ask your maths methods tutor about how to use an abacus. Get to know the history and use of this device which surprised people in those days.

The abacus helps to relieve the pressure from the mind of the math learner because it has a physical form, rather than numerical symbols. The four key areas of understanding which abacus techniques encourage are: the concept of quantity, number recognition, number meaning and operations. Using the abacus, math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be taught. The abacus can also be used to teach fractions, the understanding of calculating money, calculation of square root, and the notion of using smaller figures to represent larger ones in calculations.

The abacus is also an excellent tool for teaching math principles to the visually impaired. This is because of the physicality of the abacus, and the use of touch to learn rather than sight.

Mental Abacus

Indeed, once the abacus is mastered to perform calculations, students should be able to step away from the physical version and use their experience to create a “mental abacus” in their minds. This visualisation is a stepping stone to calculating operations mentally, without the use of any physical objects. It helps to improve memory, thinking speed, and train the brain in mental visualisation which helps in other areas, not just math.

Layout of an abacus

You may find when choosing an abacus that they are available with different numbers of columns. The more columns the abacus has, the larger the numbers can be used in calculations. The most important thing is that the beads in the top section of the abacus always need to be five times the value of the bottom row for calculations to be done. Initially, each bead in the top row would be worth five, and each bead in the bottom section would be worth one. Each column of numbers is assigned a place value similar to that of an electronic calculator, with the one on the very right being one and each place to the left increasing by a multiple of ten; 1, 10, 100 and so on. The 4/5 exchange explains that because there are only four beads in the bottom row, if you need to count five or higher, pushing down one bead from the top row signifies the number five. Once you have represented your initial figure on the abacus, the techniques of counting begin.

Technique: Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction work in the same way, where you set the initial figure on the abacus and then adjust the initial value from left to right by adding or removing the number of beads representing the second figure in your equation. Remember to exchange any figures necessary as you go, for example, if you result in 10 or more ones, you will need to carry one over to the tens column. Then you count the beads to get your answer.

Technique: Multiplication

Multiplication is best done on the soroban from left to right. Different methods can be used for multiplication, depending on how many digits are being multiplied. We will look at how to multiply a two-digit number by another two-digit number. For example, 36 x 12. Transpose your entire multiplication operation onto the abacus, leaving a black column to represent the multiplication symbol. Also, leave a blank column for your equals symbol, and several blank columns for the resulting product. Doing this helps to keep the numbers separate from each other and avoid confusion. It’s important to multiply the columns in the correct order.

So, 36 x 12

  • Multiply 3 by 1 and put the result in the first product column (3).
  • Multiply 3 by 2 and put the result in the second product column (6).
  • Multiply 6 by 1 and put the result in the second product column, adding this to the number already in that column (12). Don’t forget to carry the one to the first product column as you go.
  • Lastly, multiply 6 by 2 and put the result in the third product column (12). Don’t forget to carry the one to the second product column.
  • Counting the beads in the three product columns shows a result of 432.

Technique: Division

Like multiplication, division utilises a set-out on the abacus from left to right. The divisor is placed on the left, followed by empty columns for the answer (quotient). Then the dividend is displayed. For example, to represent 84 divided by 2, the two is placed in the first column. Then two blank columns which will not be used. Then two more blank columns which will be used for the quotient. Then set 84 in columns 6 and 7.

So, 84 / 2

  • Divide the 8 (in the dividend) by 2 (the divisor) and record the quotient of 4 on the fourth rod.
  • Multiply 4 from the quotient by 2 (the divisor) to ascertain the product (8).
  • Subtract this product from the 8 (in the dividend) to get the remainder (0).
  • Divide the 4 (in the dividend) by 2 (the divisor) and record the quotient of 2 on the fifth rod.
  • Multiply 2 from the quotient by 2 (the divisor) to ascertain the product (4).
  • Subtract this product from the 4 (in the dividend) to get the remainder (0).
  • Counting the beads in the two quotient columns shows a result of 42.

Abacus techniques can be used in conjunction with the more standard numerical practices, but provide the most satisfactory results when abacus learning begins at an early age, even before formal primary schooling commences.

Solar power plant investment opportunities in Australia

There has been a lot of talks recently about solar power plants being built in Australia and the investment opportunities they represent. Private Australian based companies like Eurosolar Global are trying to create enough growth and economic opportunities but change will take place slowly. The green lobby and some of the State governments are constantly pushing for larger and larger amounts of the electricity consumed in this country to come from, as they call them, renewable sources. They seem to think that renewable sources are solar and the wind, anything else doesn’t seem to exist. South Australia took the lead in this area over ten years ago by setting what we now know as totally unrealistic targets.

Eurosolar GlobalThe targets they set back than standard both good for the environment and good for the people of South Australia. The government set about enforcing these targets, but recent events now call into question whether these targets will be obtainable in our lifetimes, let alone by 2018. The recent events I’m talking about our twofold, South Australia currently has a far away from the most expensive electricity in the country being over 50% more expensive than its nearest state rival. The second event, of course, was a major weather system that hit the state and turned off the lights that 80% of the people who live there for three days because the renewable just didn’t have the capacity to supply baseload power.

Nearly all of the electricity producers in Australia are either in the process of or have just brought online major solar power plants. There are virtually no individual investment opportunities in one-off power stations using solar as a means of production. These plants take megabucks to build and the returns were leased the first 15 years after they are built are minimal. Adding to that is the fact that most of the technology being used today will be totally redundant within a decade.
Solar Plant
The Federal government which is responsible for the National environmental policies has done one thing that will make life harder for anyone contemplating building a solar power plant. The Federal government runs a program called the solar flagships program, with a budget of $1.6 billion over the next six years. Twice the current government has proposed axing this program with nothing replacing it. The second thing is a help for the commercial sellers of power. The only hindrance for the average person, electricity companies, used to be forced to pay homeowners, especially what is called a feed-in tariff. This is where they pay you to feed your excess electricity from solar panels on your home back into the grid, as of January 1st, 2017, the electricity companies now get to set their tariffs. These tariffs have dropped by up to 95%.

renewable energyThe biggest problem than any kind renewable energy production has in Australia at the moment is that there is a groundswell that is growing from the voters against renewable energy. It doesn’t matter that most of the information being peddled is at best propaganda and worst downright lies. What all the average man in the street knows is that since 2010 is electricity bills have gone up nearly 300% and are continuing to climb at that kind of rates and they are blaming both the Federal and State governments and the electricity providers for these massive hikes.

We have pensioners who can’t afford heat during winter or air-conditioning during summer because of the price of electricity to run these appliances.

The Federal government pays out over $500 billion every year in subsidies to the wind and solar, and based on the current technology neither the wind nor solar will ever provide enough electricity to replace coal-fired baseload power stations. Their only hope is that the technology improves to allow them to provide the needed baseload. One question that has been asked lately is, “when they have the technology and can produce baseload, who will be left to buy it”.

If you want to invest in renewable energy generation in Australia, the safest option has to be by purchasing shares in a company’s that are involved in the industry. You need to do your homework because there are some companies around who only sell fossil fuel driven electricity but say they are always interested in a joint-venture renewable project.

Why you need to consider Actionable Analytics Reports to gain more profits ?

If you want to earn more profits for your business, get your Web Analytics right first. Yes, that’s right. Web Analytics is something that is integral to your website or online business. If you don’t get it right, no amount of SEO techniques is going to do you any good. Actionable Analytics Reports is a part of Web Analytics that you need to take care.

Weboptimizers analytical reports

With Actionable Analytics Reports, you are going to get the best insight for your website or online business. Gaining a fruitful insight is something that is going to help you understand the faults that are ailing your website or online business and help you to rectify them. The internet is a truly vast and dynamic space, and it is only right that you change with it. To help you improve and keep on innovating and driving in more customers, Actionable Analytics Report is essential.
You may not be on the right track if someone suggested you to do or already has invested without understanding your business. It is your responsibility to understand the importance of your hard earned money. Exceeding your budget is something you just cannot afford to do if you want to stay profitable. That is why Actionable Analytics Reports is just for you as it enables you to have a metrically-defined insight into your website or business.Reports are going to be made available to you seamlessly without the least effect on your business.

Here’s a brief view of why you should avail of the Actionable Analytics Reports services which many companies offer:

  1. Actionable Analytics Reports are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to deploy.
  2. Reports offer a multi-dimensional analysis which leads to making decisions based on the facts of your website. This will ultimately result in metric-based transactions with paying customers.
  3. Your cost of running your website or online business will also be lower than before as you will be making fact- based decisions instead of feeling- based ones.
  4. The business insight of your online business will provide you in any form you may want, such as dashboards, Excel sheets, mail alerts or text messages. Such availability of Actionable Analytics Reports will make it easier for you to make quick business decisions.


As you can see, what I am talking about when it comes to Web Analytics.

I used to work hard for my company to cope up with the market standards but the result always used to disappoint me

On this context, I would like to share my experience with Web Analytics report. I was same like any other business owner who doesn’t care much about these reports. I used to work hard for my company to cope up with the market standards but the result always used to disappoint me. I was happened to meet my friend who runs similar kind of business like me in another state. I noticed that his business started growing with a very high customers flow. I asked him to share some of the tips. He then said to me that all this trade traffic is just because he hired a team who understand our business thoroughly and start generating analytical reports and necessary actions for the consequences. Tracking all those reports with necessary modifications suggested by them has to lead him to stand more dominant in the market. He also said that this might look promoting their business for you at the moment but if you hire them, you will sooner feel the results and will recommend them to others for sure.

I am proud to proclaim that I have a 100% satisfaction record in Web Analytics services. Actionable Analytics Reports services have helped hundreds of websites realise their true potential and deliver higher profits to their owners.